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APPs for business

Your business needs an APP?

If you are considering to purchase an APP for your business or perhaps you want to buy an APP to use it as a business, but you are not very familiar with the concept behind this technology, it is more than likely that you have so many questions croosing your mind right now, therefore, let's go through some of these questions to make it more easily for you.

First thing's first! The first question that will help you to understand and eventually decided whether you need an APP for your business or not is: How do you know you need an APP? If you can't respond to this simple question it is more than likely that you don't need it. But let's pretend that you already got this, moreover, you already identify the problem that delay your productivity, or perhaps you identify an opportunity to increase profit. If that is the case; you are in the right track!

What can APPS do?

Well, pretty much anything that a mind can conceive, but essentially APPs should be seen as micro computer systems, where you can interact with others through information. However, the vast majority of times business owners underestimate the real potential of an APP because there is a lack of details behind the main idea. To put it in perspective; let's name a few small business samples or ideas that can be using APPs!

  • Landscape Business / Clients can use the APP to request service with calendar.
  • Hairdressers / Clients can check availability and make appointments.
  • Real State Agents / Clients can check houses profiles to schedule a house visit.
  • Restaurants / Make Reservations or accept orders online to go.
  • Cleaning House Service / Request Service.
  • Transportation / Request Service or Track Routes.

As you can see there are many ways to implement an app in a business model, however, it could be even more beneficial when your business is already established with clients. Now, you may wondering; why would you need an APP? if you already have a phone where people can reach you. Well, the phone number is easy to do, as long as your client remembers your phone number or save your business card, if he/she doesn't have this information, he/she will look again for your online again, but there is a chance that other with the same service can influence decisions, because there are better price or avalibility.

What is the cost for a business APP?

That depend on a few factors:

  • How easy or complex is what you want to achieve (To lay out the design and code)
  • For what kind of phones do you want the APP to be available? (Iphone? Android? or Windows? or All of them?
  • Cost for Licenses stores: App Store = $100, Google App = $25 and Windows Apps = $

Now that you have a better idea about APPs for business, we wanto to take this opportunity to promote our special! Our APPs for business starts from as little as $69 per Month. If you are interested, please send us your inquire!

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