Reaching individuals in Delaware.

Problems and solutions that arise when you try to reach Delawareans.



Digital Marketing also known as (Internet Marketing) has become an essential element over the last few years for any business model. Interesting enough, many business owners are familiar with these popular marketing tools, such as; (Google Adwords), but while many of them found success using it, others found no more than frustration. Why is that? The answer is simple! Volume and diversity.

Well, in Delaware, where the population does not exceed the 900.000 individuals, there is no enough volume to become an independent source of data (from Google Trends' point of view), so instead, we depend from other states' trends. In other words; if you use Google Trends and try to find an specific keyword to benefit your business, you will notice that many time, the system would say: there is no enough data, therefore, you have to explore the trends from the states that are near in order to have an idea, which it could mislead your marketing strategy. So what do we do?


Well, you have to create your own presence with your own keywords, then you have distribute your message in micro systems that are untouched by Google, Bing or Yahoo or any Search Engine. These micro system (APPs) are targeting an specific group of people, so you have to find or select the APP that feet your business model in order to link these channels with your brand. (Woala, now you are in the right track).

The benefit of this practice is unique and more affordable than any other internet marketing strategy or practice. No to mention that it brings fast results for a long period of time, because it is targeting organic results.

We have different mobile device applications that are currently active, providing uselful service in the community of Delaware. Many of these APPs are currently targeting specific niches, such as; Real State, Entertainment, Public Transportation among others.

Let us know if you are interested to reach an specific group of people with our authentic and useful APPs.

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Feb 2016

Public Transportation APP for Delaware

This free APP will be available in early summer 2016. The APP will provide Real-Time information for the Bus, Ferry and Train. Schedules and other features will be available to provide accurate information in Real-Time. Now you don't have to guess anymore where the bus is currently located, now you will be able to see its real location in your mobile device.

Feb 2016

Movie Time Delaware App

Movie Time Delaware App is a Free APP intended to provide Real-Time information for all the movie theaters in the State of Delaware. The App was released in July 2015 with a great reception, over 1200 users are currently using this app in their mobile device. Available on: Apple, Android and Windows APP store.


Market Insider Tool

Be Relevant to your customers' needs.

Take a closer look at your potential customers behavior, what they are looking for, how they are looking for it and where there are looking for it. See their location, volume, discover more business opportunities, take a closer look to the marketing fallacy of your competitors and much more.

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