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Over the years I have noticed that in the state of Delaware many business owners still very skeptical about Internet marketing. Surprisingly enough, many of them maintain their marketing effort with the same channels, such as; radio stations, TV, magazines, billboards among others. The problem that arise with this channels is very simple; (its effort cannot be measured), unless of course, you require an action in the ad.

I would like to blender my expertise and experience with some constructive criticism, in this article so those who remain skeptical about Internet marketing in Delaware get a better perspective.

But before I begin I will like to give you a brief introduction! Internet marketing is a business discipline that has been developing since the start of online communities in the 1980s. There are various specialties within the realm of Internet marketing; some of the most commonly mentioned include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising and social media marketing.

In essence, Internet marketing aims to deliver branding and promotional content to individuals via different online channels. These days, Internet marketing has surpassed the revenues of traditional outlets such as cable television, print newspapers and magazines, and radio. It is estimated that revenues produced by Internet marketing will surpass those of broadcast television by the end of this decade.

Just about all industries and business sectors these days have utilized Internet marketing for branding and promotional efforts. In fact, most new small businesses these days are skipping traditional marketing altogether and stick to Internet marketing instead. There are many reasons for this trend; first of all, the return on investment (ROI) of Internet marketing is very high, especially when considering the low costs of online advertising campaigns. Second, Internet marketing is highly measurable, which means that advertisers are able to collect accurate, real-time data on the effectiveness of their efforts. Third, online advertising has greatly advanced to the point that it now allows geo-targeting, a technique that takes into account demographics and geographical location when creating new campaigns.

In terms of business perspective, Internet marketing is the new standard of branding and advertising. New businesses that choose to ignore Internet advertising are more likely to experience early failure. Establishing an online presence as an Internet brand is absolutely necessary these days, particularly for small companies that are just getting started. There are numerous success stories of small business owners whose dedication to Internet marketing brought them early success; from taco trucks in Southern California to tour operators in Costa Rica and from boutique law firms in Philadelphia to bakeries in Cleveland.

With Internet marketing, business owners have a wide choice of formatting, which means that they can present their promotional messages in various ways. In the 21st century, interactive advertising has become a very powerful format to deliver promotions; for example: social media updates can be crafted in a way that they entice users to get future updates, play games and generally be aware of brands in a more enjoyable fashion.

There is something else that you have to be aware of. If your marketing campaign is about branding and not targeting, then there is nothing wrong with the old media channels in order to deliver the message that you want, assuming that you do understand the difference between branding marketing vs targeting marketing. For those who are not familiar with these two marketing strategies, I leave you the link above to read more about it.

In essence, branding marketing is any kind of advertisement that mention or expose your business name without a "refined process", in other words; the message is exposed or delivered to a mass of people without a specific prospective. While targeting marketing is the opposite. Here it is where Internet marketing fits in, because it is highly accurate, consisten and very relevant, not to mention that it is the most affordable of all the marketing channels, you can target a specific profile or multiple profiles with specifics needs at any specific time, in fact, you could only target those who needs the service that you provide or the product that you have.

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